Continuing Psychotherapy

This is the most traditional method of therapy. I draw from some of the older psychoanalysts and incorporate the newer features of psychodynamic therapy. We have no specific agenda. The idea is for you to have a completely safe, non-judgmental place for you to explore your feelings and evaluate your life.

We will talk about whatever happens to be on your mind. We will delve into your innermost feelings. In time, we will get a clear picture of how your past has affected your present. We will see how early childhood experiences affected your life today. There will be lots of discussion and dissection of your inner being as well as the relationship you had with your parents and siblings.

The process is ultimately healing and produces permanent, life long change. People who suffer from low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness or shame do well with the kind of long term, and supportive therapy I offer.

You need to be patient with the method. The therapeutic relationship is extremely important and this kind of work is both intense and intimate. The results of long-term therapy are time honored and healing.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT ©2007