Couples Continuing Marriage Counseling

This is for commited couples who want to explore their relationship without a set agenda. You both sense something is wrong, could be better, but neither of you are really sure what's going on.

We meet and examine your relationship in a supportive, non-confrontational, enviroment. We will take note of your communication styles, interactions with each other and discover ways to make your relationship more productive.

The goal of marriage counseling would be for each of you to grow as individuals and at the same time strengthen your coupling. I will provide a safe sane, non-judgmental arena for you to deal with your life issues.

The process is healing, therepeutic and educational. Your relationship will grow and develop an exciting new energy. If your relationship is in a funk but you are both committed to staying together, long term non-directive marriage counseling is a positive investment in your future.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT ©2007