Couples Crisis Counseling

Couples face crisis the same as individuals. The difference is that a 'couples crisis' impacts the two of you together.

The most common thought about a couples crisis would have to do with:
• Separation
• Extra-Marital Affairs
• Domestic Violence
• Verbal Abuse
• A miscarriage
• Financial Crisis
• Job Loss
• One of you is diagnosed with a life threatening illness
• One of you is suffering from severe depression or a debilitating mental disorder
• One of you has been involved in a bad accident
• One of you is the victim of a violent crime such as rape or roberry

When you are in crisis, it's essential to get help in order to bring some kind of harmony back into your life. People who are contemplating divorce need crisis marriage counseling in order to make the right decision. A few sessions will help you to examine your relationship and make sure this is the correct path for you to follow. If an ending is in order, I will help insure a smooth transition.

Invest in this short-term therapy. It will take about five to ten sessions for you to normalize the event. It’s an investment that will help your relationship stay strong and grow in a positive direction.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT ©2007