Couples Directive Marriage Counseling

I provide a safe haven for couples to come and explore their relationship. Most often relationships are problematic due to problems with communication. In a few short sessions of directive marriage counseling, I’ll teach you how to improve your relationship with a few simple exercises.

You’ll Learn:
• Active Listening Techniques
• Communication Skills
• Pro-Active Ways of Expressing Yourself
• Conflict Resolution Techniques
• Effective Ways of Communicating Your Desires both in and out of the bedroom

Marriage counseling does not have to go on forever. Men are especially goal oriented and want to know see results fast. I have time proven techniques that will satisfy a man’s need to see results and honor a female’s need to express her feelings.

Don’t wait until your relationship is in crisis. The time to come for marriage counseling is before you are contemplating a divorce or separation.

"Directive Marriage Counseling" is the way to bring your man into therapy. I have successfully treated many couples where the guy was initially resistant to the idea of therapy. These men were willing to accompany their women to marriage counseling with the idea that we’d achieve specific accomplishments. After a few meetings, they felt comfortable with the process and soon become advocates to the therapy process.

- Jackie A. Castro, MA, MFT ©2007