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Shame or Confused about Sexual Issues

Alternative Sexuality

Many people who live alternative sexual lifestyles, feel more comfortable with a therapist who is familiar and unconditionally accepting of all sexually different ways of being. I am a therapist who is very familiar with alternative sexual life styles and sexual predilections out of the norm. You will not have to spend needless time educating me on the basics. I strongly adhere to the idea that there's more to sexuality than heterosexual coupling. In particular, I work with those who identify as:
• Members of the BDSM community
• People who work in adult entertainment
• Men and women who have sexual fetishes out of the mainstream
• People who choose polyamorous lifestyles
• People who are non-binary and choose sexual fluid lifestyles

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LGBTQ Community

I am open minded and nonjudgmental. Again you will not have to be 'explaining' your lifestyle to me. I recognize that being gay or transgender is not a choice. It is simply who you are. I also recognize that your family and even old friends might not understand.

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How I Can Help You

Working with Fetish

I have a very special interest in adult sexual fetish. (see information about my books). I have years and years of experience in working with adults who have a sexual fetish.  

If you are a person with a sexual fetish, most likely you experience some kind of shame and cognitive dissonance about what turns you on in the bedroom. The goal is to gain understanding  and self acceptance about your own unique fetish.

My book, Fetish and You contains a Five Point Plan for fetish management. I will help you implement the plan into your own life. The plan calls for education, identification and figuring out how to incorporate fetish into your life in a balanced, healthy way.

I have come to the conclusion that fetish is strong, powerful and won't go away. I don't believe in abstinence unless you have a sexual addiction. Addiction is something separate and apart from what I deal with in terms of fetish management.

Adult Industry People

I won't tell you to quit your job unless that is truly what you want. I also won't judge. While being involved in the adult entertainment industry brings along specific challenges, it doesn't define who you are. I understand that you have made a choice to work in an industry that your friends, family and society often judges.

You are human and have the same kind of anxieties, depressions and life changes as anyone. The therapy will not be focussed on what you do. Instead, we will focus on who you are and what you want to work on during the course of treatment.

I absolutely never push an agenda on you. You are accepted for who you are!

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