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Overwhelmed By An Unexpected Life Event

Crisis Management

Many people seek out therapy when something occurs that they didn't expect. This is an inconclusive list of many of the unexpected crisis situations I've treated over the years :
• Death of a loved one
• Getting divorced
• Loss of a job
• Getting sober (a loss giving up something you used to enjoy)
• Stress on the job or in college
• Being exposed to a catastrophic event
• Being involved in a car accident
• Having a loved one that was involved in a car accident
• Witnessing a trauma
• Being the victim of a robbery or other type of crime
• Death of a estranged parent, ex husband or wife, etc.
• Being diagnosed with a disease such as cancer
• Having your child diagnosed with a disease such as cancer
• Having a baby that is born with a cranio-facial difference
• Having a special needs child
• Being depressed after having a baby (postpartum depression)
• Being the victim of a crime such as rape
• Failing out of college
• Having a friend or loved one who committed suicide
• Coming to terms with trauma from the past (abuse, molestation)
• Life changes such as graduating, adulating, or retiring
• Adjusting to life after leaving an abusive relationship

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How I Can Help You

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A Safe Place

I give you a place to be heard. All the above are crisis situations. In these situations, you might have no where to turn. While friends are well meaning, they offer advice based on their own life experience. However, your fiends and family are not you. Everyone is unique and you will need to find your own solutions based on your own wants and needs.

Therapy can be incredibly helpful in providing a place for you to talk and be heard. I'm a good listener but can also be gently directive to help you find answers and solutions.

When someone is in crisis, they need guidance.I will assist you in whatever way is most helpful. While I of course can't give you direct answers, I can help you to see things clearer. I'll also provide a space for you to process your emotions about these very difficult events.

My room offers a very safe place to cry without judgement.

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