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In-Person and Telehealth appointments - California and Nevada
Jackie A. Castro MA LMFT
My name is Jackie Castro
and I'd like to help you, help yourself feel better!

If you are seeking a therapist, chances are good that you are currently feeling upset, sad or overwhelmed with life. Perhaps something unexpected has happened and you're having trouble coping. Or, you've been feeling bad for a while now and have finally made the decision to take action.


While no therapist is right for everyone, maybe I'm right for you.

 • My clients tell me that they feel very comfortable in my room

 • I'm open minded

 • I don't judge

 • I share evidence based, effective tools for change


I work a great deal with people from the LGBTQ+ community and other alternative lifestyles.


I am also very interested in helping parents who have Children with Disabilities and parents who have Babies with a Difference.


I see everyone as being unique in their own right. Before we meet in person, you and I will have a brief phone call to see if we are initially right for each other. I am located in Mission Hills, CA.

I work with adults (21 or over) who are:

• Depressed

• Anxious

• Bipolar


• Heart Broken

• Grief Stricken

• Traumatized

• Feeling shame/guilt about their sexuality

• Feeling upset about an unexpected life event

• Going through a life transition such as graduation, health issues, career change
or retirement

How Can I Help You?

My practice is diverse and accepting of all ethnicities. I work with many  Hispanic clients. No, I don't speak Spanish but hope to some day! I have specifically worked with people who are from:

• Mexico

• Guatamala

• El Salvador

• Chile

• Peru

• Phillipines

• India

• Sri Lanka

• Syria

• Kuwait

• England

• Armenia

Certified in California and Nevada

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